Are You and Your POS System Ready for the Holiday Season?

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The holiday season is here and the chaos has officially begun. It’s not only stressful for shoppers, but for business owners, too. The holiday season never seem to get any less stressful, but you can prepare your Point of Sale (POS) system to make the holidays go smoothly. Here are some tips to aide you through the holidays and make you feel prepared for the most wonderful time of the year.

Create Content Marketing

The success of your holiday season relies partially upon your marketing strategies primarily on social media platforms. Try utilizing your POS System to launch your digital campaigns so your customers are aware of the stores upcoming sales and promotions.

Add Your Seasonal Staff Into Your POS System

To be prepared for the holiday season your staff should be completely trained, including seasonal staff. To ensure they’re prepared you should add your staff in your POS system and provide the proper training for each employee on your POS. It is very important on the employee’s first day that their information is added to the system so they have the capability to clock in and out on their own. Also you can update the permissions section in the system as needed. It is important your entire staff is trained to use your POS system before the start of the holiday shopping customers. When the crowds rush in to get their last minute Christmas gifts, your employees should be able to solve any issue a customer is having and understand how to check out a customer. Regular employees should be trained on sales added to the POS System.


Keep Track of Your Inventory

During the holidays, your level of inventory will be coming and going exponentially fast. To make sure you do not run out or overstock on inventory, try centralizing your inventory in your POS machine. If you try manually tracking your amount of inventory or utilize several different systems, it will put you at risk of missing potential sales opportunities. We suggest looking for a POS System that accepts any type of card as a form of payment, reporting capabilities, and that manages your current amount of inventory at your store.

Make Your Check-Out Process Streamlined

Seeing a line that wraps around the corner of the check out counter can easily make employees and managers feel overwhelmed, not to mention complicated transactions holding up the line. However, this process can be easily streamlined, which benefits your store and your customers shopping for the holidays. If you are unaware, there are numerous ways to streamline your checkout process.

The first step would be to recognize the importance of deploying one POS that is cash only. A majority of individuals pay with card and this tactic allows customers who intend to pay for their items in cash to complete the transaction quickly and move the line along. Another idea is to provide store associates with tablets or mobile devices to quickly check out a customer in any location throughout the store.

This allows customers to not have to stand in line and complete their transaction quickly and efficiently. Don’t forget, set up all sales in your POS System because if this is completed in advance, it should reduce the risk of having price checks and other issues occur during the holidays. Finally, remember to set up all sales in your POS System. By setting up everything well in advance, you reduce the risk of price checks and other issues during the holidays.

Run a Sales Report

Running a sales report will answer questions you may have about how your business is doing and the daily sales patterns of the business. It will also help analyze what products are your top sellers and what your customers are looking to buy during the upcoming holiday shopping events. Business owners normally run a sales report by the end of the day, but you can also run a report hourly, monthly, and even from the previous year.

We hope this post will aide you in the right direction so you feel prepared for the rest of the holiday season just around the corner.


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