Revel POS Baseball Glossary

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Brewermania is underway as the hunt for October begins. In recognition of the playoffs, we’ve developed a glossary of baseball terms that can be applied to our Revel iPad POS Systems.

Around the Horn: After an out is recorded, and there are no runners on base, players toss the ball around to keep their arms warmed up. This means they are ready for the next play, or better yet, always on and ready to go. Our always on mode works in a similar way. The Revel Systems iPad POS stays “warmed up” by utilizing hybrid architecture to keep business running during Internet downtime.

Backstop: Much like the protection behind home plate, your business will be protected with all the security features our system offers. PCI compliance. EMV compliance. You name it, we’ll protect it.

Can of Corn: Used to describe making an easy catch, can of corn originated from employees knocking cans of corn off the tops of shelves in order for fellow employees to catch them. Think inventory management on a whole new level. Our management console lets your business track and manage inventory from one centralized location as easy as a can of corn.

Cut-off Man: A cut-off man “cuts off” a long throw from an outfielder in order to make an easier play. Our system comes with an array of cut-off men. In fact, think of Position POS as the relay man as you go for an outfield assist.

Get on One’s Horse: Getting on one’s horse is used to describe a fielder running quickly to a ball to try and make an out. Our 24/7 support staff get’s on the horse to help solve problems as quickly as they can.

High Cheese: Throwing a fastball high in the strike zone. Revel has some high cheese to offer in terms of high performance. Our Point of Sale made for iPad processes transactions 14% faster than legacy systems.

Keep the Line Moving: This euphemism refers to consecutive batters getting on base. Like an assembly line, we keep lines moving with an intuitive user interface to make the checkout process as easy as possible.

Knock the Cover off the Ball: Described as hitting the ball extraordinarily hard, knocking this cover off the ball can also be considered as surpassing expectations. That’s usually how our customers feel when they get their hands on our system. Our goal is to make life easier for business owners by exceeding their expectations.

Lead-off Hitter: The player who bats first on the team. We’ve been referred to as the leading Point of Sale made for iPad, so be sure to put us first in your lineup.

Lineup: The roster of players fielding and batting. We have quite the lineup of features at Revel Systems. Everything ranging from mobile ordering to QuickBooks integration, or inventory management to intelligent reporting, we have all the bases covered.

Pitcher’s Best Friend: A pitcher’s best friend is the same thing as a double play. We like to think we are our customer’s best friend when it comes to customer service. We not only solve the problems on deck, but will listen to suggestions and make the necessary corrections to make our system the best one out there.

Split-finger: A split-finger fastball is a type of pitch where the pitcher separates his fingers in order to make the ball drop before is reaches the plate. Our split bill feature drops the bill on the table and lets customers split checks any way they want.

Triple Play: When three outs are made on one play. At Revel, we have a triple play of our own which consist of products, features, and hardware to create the the most complete Point of Sale made for iPad.

Thanks for reading our baseball glossary terms remixed for Revel. Here’s hoping Bernie and the Brewers can bring home some hardware.


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