Revel POS Baseball Glossary

Brewermania is underway as the hunt for October begins. In recognition of the playoffs, we’ve developed a glossary of baseball terms that can be applied to our Revel iPad POS Systems. Around the [...]

Go Omnichannel with Revel Systems POS

Online ordering for restaurants has become more and more efficient in the past few year. Since 2004, the year GrubHub was founded, users have been able to place orders from local restaurants with [...]

Creating Customer Loyalty with Gift Cards

At Position POS, we are continually looking for innovative ideas for our clients to use to generate engagement with their customer base. Our relationship with Revel Systems is grounded in the [...]

6 Practical Gift Ideas For Your Business Owner

For business owners the holidays bring up fears of long days, late nights, and exhaustion – dulling them to the seasonal spirit. This year treat your boss (or yourself) to the greatest gift of [...]

Online Ordering for Restaurants and Retailers

Let’s face it, customers are tired of standing in line at high demand times and they want to have options to place orders in advance for a more convenient and faster experience. Entering [...]

Introducing Madison WI to Revel Systems

We’d like to announce that we have partnered with Revel Systems for deployment of the Revel POS-System in the Madison, WI market. We are the local experts for Revel Systems technologies for [...]

REVELutionizing the Point of Sale Industry

We all face new competitors in our industries every day: A new restaurant down the street, an online store, or a food cart corral around the corner. So what is it that separates your business [...]